Oakland City Hall

Project Details

Massive seismic retrofit, upgrade, and renovation/restoration to the historic high rise in downtown Oakland, CA. For this project, Overaa installed the first base isolators in a seismic retrofit of an historical building in California. We actually “jacked up” the 19-story building with massive steel work in the basement in order to transfer the load to the isolators. A steel frame was added to the tower walls of terra cotta tile and brick infill. A historic clock tower sits on top of a truss system that extends to the outside walls and then transfers the weight to the columns below. Concrete was pumped through elevator shafts to form shear walls without disrupting other work. Many historical features were maintained and repaired to match existing interior and exterior finishes. Scope covered the addition of the Oakland City Council Public Auditorium, which includes balconies, theater seating, communication system, historic lighting, and podium.  Life safety upgrades were also installed throughout the building and included new fire sprinklers and renovation of the power generator system.

City of Oakland
Oakland, CA
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