Find the Best Path to Value



Quality, Schedule, & Cost Certainty

Overaa’s preconstruction services are so well regarded that for every preconstruction service we have delivered, we have always been awarded a construction contract. 

We drive the best combination of program goals, design objectives, and cost-effective construction. A high level of collaboration with key project stakeholders is essential — by aligning project goals together, we turn client needs into thoughtful solutions that maximize value. 

Our self-perform group’s practical expertise further strengthens our ability to identify constructability solutions and cost savings based on lessons learned from past projects. 

Preconstruction & Design Phase

  • Preconstruction coordination, communication, and problem-solving.
  • Preconstruction and Design Phase schedule development and monitoring.
  • Design Phase project team communication: meeting agendas, minutes, action list logging and tracking.

Estimating & Cost Modeling

  • Estimate preparation at design milestones: conceptual/programmatic, schematic, design development, and construction document.

  • Cost comparisons and reconciliations to previous estimates

  • Cost management analysis, comparative studies, and systems alternatives evaluation.

  • Cost control: design revision tracking and budget validation between milestone estimates.

Design Review, Preliminary Construction & Logistics

  • Design review: technical, constructability, and quality control reviews of project documents.

  • Preliminary construction: schedule development and updates.
  • Logistical planning including site utilization management, staging, phasing, and building (tenant) coordination.

Bid Packaging & Subcontractor Prequal

  • Bid packaging/contracting strategy and scope of work coordination.  
  • Subcontractor solicitation and prequalification. 
  • Pre-bid conference plus site visit coordination.
  • Bid analysis evaluations and recommendations 

Procurement Planning

  • Procurement planning including long lead item and early release package coordination.

  • Owner furnished equipment review, coordination, and scheduling assistance.

Bid Services - Subcontractor Selection

It is critically important to use only safe, experienced, financially solid, and competitive subcontractors and suppliers to ensure the success of a project. Our subcontractor prequalification process is the first formal step toward ensuring that these objectives are met. 

Overaa focuses on an aggressive procurement process and encourages submittal of voluntary alternates from qualified subcontractors. Leveraging our 110+ years of local presence within the Bay Area, the prequalification process takes into account the nature of each of the phases to ensure that the appropriate trade or subcontractor will meet the expected project requirements for safety, performance, capability, and experience.