Sobrante & Upper San Leandro WTP Ozone Improvements

Project Details

East Bay Municipal Utilities District (EBMUD) is known for its high-quality, good-tasting water. Improvements to the ozonization and oxygenation processes at two water treatment plants will allow EBMUD to continue to provide good-tasting water to its Bay Area customers. The scope of work takes place at two treatment sites – one in El Sobrante and the other in Oakland at the Upper San Leandro WTP. Overaa is replacing the Ozone System, Hydrogen Peroxide System and associated piping. The project includes the installation of a new Liquid Oxygen (LOX) system, installation of a supplemental Nitrogen System as well as the installation of a new emergency generator and fuel tank and extensive electrical system modifications at each location.

East Bay Municipal Utilities District
San Leandro Water Treatment Plant in Oakland, CA
Second Location
Sobrante Water Treatment Plant in El Sobrante, CA
  • Jeff Naff

    Jeff Naff

    Director of Work Acquisition - Municipal Infrastructure