Dixon Wastewater Treatment Plant

Overaa Green Project

Project Details

Expansion to an existing wastewater treatment plant to address the long-term problem of salinization of the soils and groundwater in Dixon, CA. Improvements included a new influent pump station and headworks, two oxidation ditches with anoxic basins and splitter structures, two secondary clarifiers, RAS/WAS pump station, secondary scum pump station, new operations building, solids stabilization basins, 2.5 miles of potable water piping, SCADA integration, standby generators, site grading and paving, yard piping, and electrical/ instrumentation upgrades. Self-performed work included earthwork, concrete, mechanical, and carpentry. We recycled asphalt paving, existing soil for backfill, and 82% of concrete and construction debris. Envision Silver award winner for sustainable infrastructure.

City of Dixon
Dixon, CA