EBMUD Richmond Advanced Recycled Expansion (RARE) Water Project

Project Details

This 4 MGD recycled water plant takes secondary effluent from the West County WWTP and advanced treatment produces boiler feedwater for the Chevron refinery. PALL microfiltration provide pretreatment for the H20 Innovations reverse osmosis equipment. Support facilities included a 1 MG influent storage tank, 15,000 sq.ft. process equipment building, chemical storage and feed systems, 2 MG stainless steel product water storage tank and 5 MGD per day effluent pump station.

The intent of the “green” project was to double the amount of reclaimed water that Chevron uses on a daily basis. EBMUD/Chevron teamed up to expand recycled water services to Chevron. At completion of the project, the plant reduced potable water usage by 3 million gallons per day.

Richmond, CA
Million Gallons Per Day
  • Jeff Naff

    Jeff Naff

    Director of Work Acquisition - Municipal Infrastructure