Davis-Woodland Water Supply Project

Project Details

The award-winning, design-build project included construction of a regional water facility to supplement and significantly replace the current primary groundwater source of water supply to the Cities of Davis and Woodland by diverting surface water from the Sacramento River. Key design components include: 30MGD Regional Water Treatment Facility Water pumping and conveyance for flushing solids from the pipeline periodic pigging or high water velocity flushes. Clarification using sand-ballasted clarification, which performs well under high solids loading conditions from the river. Ozone dose to control water quality conditions Biologically Active Carbon (BAC) filtration to manage and optimize biological growth Disinfection that eliminates ammonia for formation of chloramines Solids handling that reduces lifecycle costs, simplifies operations, and reduces power requirements.

Woodland-Davis Clean Water Agency
Woodland, CA
Project of the Year
Gallons of Water per Day
30 Million
  • Nick Kebbas

    Nick Kebbas

    Vice President, Municipal Infrastructure