Project Details

Extensive rehabilitation of two City of Sacramento water treatment plants: the Sacramento River Water Treatment Plant (SRWTP) and the E.A. Fairbairn Water Treatment Plant (EAFWTP). SRWTP was upgraded to achieve the design-rated capacity of 160 MGD and included the addition of a new solids handling system. Major components of SRWTP included: demolition of existing structures, construction of new flocculation/sedimentation basin, granular media filters, high service pump station, mechanical dewatering facilities, electrical substation, yard piping, pump drives, and site improvements. EAFWTP upgrades increased plant reliability, production, and sludge processing. This included construction of mechanical dewatering facilities, FWW sludge collection system, yard piping, site improvements, and other work to create a more cost effective dewatering process. Overaa self-performed all concrete work, equipment setting, underground piping, exposed piping, start-up and commissioning.

City of Sacramento
Sacramento, CA
Carollo Engineers
Current total production capacity
165 MGD
Project total production capacity after rehab
280 MGD