Overaa Green Project

Ohlone Community College District Parking Structure

Project Details

New cast-in-place parking structure for the college campus. The scope includes demolition and construction of the new five-level, 300,000 SF parking structure with 905 stalls and a pedestrian sidewalk and turnaround to connect the structure to the campus. The project contributed sustainable goals including a net-zero energy consumption. Being situated in the heart of an active campus, it was necessary to work closely with the school calendar as much as possible to plan off-hour or loud work when there were no students. Through pull-planning and weekly subcontractor meetings, we were able to work collaboratively with our subcontractors to work through the details of the work sequence diligently and effectively. In order to begin construction as soon as possible, we separated the permit process into two separate increments in order to receive DSA approval of the grading and structural footings before the remainder of the building. This allowed us to start construction as soon as possible.

Ohlone Community College District
Fremont, CA
Square Footage
  • Mike Conrad

    Mike Conrad

    Vice President