Monta Vista High School New Student Center & Quad Modernization

Project Details

The new, 44,200 SF two-story student center is a social hub of Monta Vista High School.  It is complete with a college-style cafeteria and improved kitchen, as well as programming and physics labs, a staff lounge with warming kitchen and an outdoor patio that is separated by a sliding glass door, which opens out to luxurious outdoor seating, sunshades, and granite countertops.  In addition, the facility offers a student lounge complete with flat-screen televisions and soft-seating, a veranda, electrical room, restrooms, and an elevated amphitheater designed wide enough to be used for performances.

The new student center includes a new two-storycafeteria, kitchen, servery area, six classroom buildings, and an outdoor stair access to the student quad from the second floor. Additional scope included renovation, reconfiguration, andreconstruction of the student quad and front drop-off areas.

The upscale cafeteria is features a large projector screen for presentations.  The kitchen is equipped with several stove tops, exhaust hoods, refrigerators, storages and several monitor screens displaying menus.

Fremont Union High School District
Cupertino, CA
  • Mike Conrad

    Mike Conrad

    Vice President

  • "I have worked with many construction companies through a variety of school renovation projects. Monta Vista's experience with Overaa has been exceptional! I am so appreciative of their proactive approach and constant positive communication. We were a great team, working hard and laughing hard together. It truly was a unique 14 months of construction!"

    April Scott Principal, Monta Vista High School

    April Scott Principal, Monta Vista High School