Tamalpais High School

Project Details

Construction and modernization of an existing high school campus. Overaa removed the existing pools and constructed a new swimming pool with a mechanical building. A new site glass elevator tower for accessibility on the mountainous site, a weight room and field house buildings, tennis courts, a basketball court, parking lot, and a student drop off area were also provided.  We juggled the three site stair cases removal and replacement to always ensure a clear path of travel for the students and completed most of it in an accelerated summer window. Overaa met regularly with the school principal since our work was in the middle and throughout the active campus to ensure fencing, barricades, and signage were adequate. The Owner had advance knowledge of upcoming activities and we were able to plan work that both allowed them to be fully functional and Overaa to be productive with the work.

Tamalpais High School
Mill Valley, CA
Square Feet