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De La Salle High School Music Building and Library

De La Salle High School Music Building and Library Addition project included the construction of a new 4,400sf music building and the 866sf library addition to an existing 5,400sf building. Both buildings are full of interesting and complex architectural features, which required unique coordination in the field. A large part of this project was constructed during regular school session.

The new music building included practice rooms, instructors' offices, bathrooms, interior mechanical and electrical rooms, instrument and uniform storage rooms with instrument storage cabinetry, block walls, and a curved metal roof over curved wall. Additionally, the building had multiple sound deadening and sound separation features, which included double paned interior windows, ceiling baffles, acoustic paneling and insulation on the walls and ceiling, and acoustic insulation around the doors.

The library addition included new interior layout of building including a workroom, librarian's office, multiple meeting/study rooms and a large reading room.