Richmond Transit Station

Project Details

The goal for this architecturally significant project, by the Richmond Redevelopment Agency, was to be the “jewel” of the Richmond Transit Village. Many features are incorporated to aesthetically improve the landscape of the local community. It includes a new BART elevator which is housed within a conical tower clad in multi-colored aluminum, an aluminum clad enclosed structure (3,200 SF), a canopy roof structure (11,250 SF) incorporating an innovative architectural design of translucent roofing assemblies and standing sheet metal on structural steel, a two-level plaza area (21,000 SF), and 100 linear feet of 18′ tall architectural retaining walls. A space was also provided for the tenant, MyTransitPlus, specializing in ticket sales and automation of payment processing. Decorative fencing was done by Vickie Jo Sowell and the tiled murals were provided by Daniel Galvez and Jos Sances.

Richmond Redevelopment Agency
Richmond, CA