Oakland Airport Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Facility

Project Details

The Oakland International Airport’s Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Facility (ARFF) is a 9,000 SF single story, complete structural steel building/metal framed. The 26,000 SF equipment bays have room for its four new specialized airport firetrucks, which includes one equipped with a “Snozzle” that can reach elevations as high as 50 feet and penetrate an aircraft fuselage to spray fire fighting compounds into the cabin. The other equipment bays will house other rescue vehicles and equipment. A storage room for fire-retardant foam tanks, personnel decontamination facility, and breathing apparatus fill room also are included in the facility.  In addition, the station features modern living quarters and offices including an exercise room, laundry room, private sleeping quarters, a day room and a kitchen. Specialty areas include ejector station, oil separator, vehicle wash area, and fuel station. The scope of work included all finishes, site concrete, site utilities, site work, specialty areas, paved parking area, vehicle wash area and fuel station, special equipment, concrete equipment pads, patio solarium, and MEP systems

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Oakland, CA
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