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Oakland Airport Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Facility

The Oakland Airport facility is a 9,000 SF single story CMU structural steel fire station office building with 26,000 SF CIP concrete/metal joist apparatus bay. Project included a design-build in-transit-lounge, complete with a pedestrian bridge, restrooms, and other miscellaneous items.

Project included:

  • Complete Structural Steel/Metal Framed ARFF Building with all finishes, i.e. paint, carpet, cabinetry, ceilings, hardware, doors and windows, masonry, etc.
  • Site Concrete, Asphalt Concrete, Precast Concrete Piling, Portland Cement Concrete Pavement, and Cast-in-place Concrete for ARFF Building.
  • Site Utilities, Fences and Gates, Landscaping and Irrigation
  • Specialty areas such as Ejector Station, Oil Separator, Vehicle Wash Area, Fuel Station
  • Paved Parking Area, Paving for Ejector Station, Vehicle Wash Area and Fuel Station
  • Special equipment such as Telescoping Doors, Guardrails, Acoustic Steel Doors, Rolling Service Door, Pneumatic Ejector, and Oil-Water Separators
  • Concrete Equipment Pads
  • Patio Solarium for ARFF Building
  • Mechanical Systems, Fire Sprinkler System, Electrical Systems
  • Addition of In-Transit Lounge with pedestrian bridge, restrooms, etc.