Aragon High School Theater

Project Details

Architecturally challenging 20-month theater project. The new theater building is a three-story steel structure over a partial concrete basement with additional catwalk levels. The 23,000 SF facility features a 615-seat modern theatre with theatrical fly loft, state-of-the-art theatrical lighting and sound systems, orchestra pit, and sound reflectors. It also contains classrooms, offices, equipment bay and storage, restrooms, formal lower and upper lobbies, and concessions stands. Extensive site improvements included ornamental structural steel loading gates, exterior steel staircase, structural steel canopies at all elevations, vehicular concrete, concrete plazas with cantilevered overhangs, ramps, retaining walls, walks, and softscapes. The school site was occupied during construction. Overaa worked with the district to provide measures to minimize disruptions and to ensure student safety throughout construction.



San Mateo Unified School District
San Mateo, CA
Square Feet