Stanford Linear Accelerator Research Building 52

Project Details

This LEED Gold certified, 64,000 SF, three-story office building houses Stanford’s control room for the multiple accelerators on its campus. The design-build team set an energy efficiency goal that is 40% above ASHRAE standards, and included the use of chilled beam technology. Together, we sourced up to 20% recycled and regional materials for the project with plans to divert 75% of waste from landfills. The project had an aggressive phased schedule – Overaa integrated BIM modeling software to provide real time feedback to programming and design options to expedite project delivery. In total, Overaa self-performed 60,208 hours of work for this project. Construction included a unique rain screen system that utilizes a Norwegian weatherproof material. The outside wall was built first then the building envelope was weatherproofed; next, an outer layer of siding (rain screen) was constructed to keep weather away from the inner wall. The air space in the wall cavity – between the building envelope and the rain screen – allows moisture to escape and also creates a passive insulation layer.

Department of Energy
Menlo Park, CA
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