Army Reserve Center Concord

Overaa Green Project

Project Details

Design and construction of a new 64,000 SF Army Reserve Center (ARC), 9,500 SF Organizational Maintenance Shop (OMS), and 4,000 SF unheated storage building. The project is LEED Gold certified and features a 87,000 SF photovoltaic field that generates about 465 kilowatts of electricity directly tied into the new training and storage building’s electrical system. A storm water harvest system and grey water harvest system was also provided. Overall, sustainable design focused on reducing site disturbance, managing stormwater, maximizing vegetated space, and providing means for alternative transportation. Water efficiency includes the use of low-flow and high efficiency plumbing fixtures. Building siting, exterior envelope construction, air infiltration, water efficiency, HVAC system selection, and electrical system efficiency measures were integrated to exceed the required 40 percent energy usage reduction. Scope also covered parking lots and installation of supporting utilities.

US Army Corps of Engineers
Concord, CA
Square Feet