EBMUD Power Generation Station, Renewable Energy Expansion

Construction of a power generation station (PGS 2) facility, gas compressors station, gas conditioning facilities, electrical substations, and related site work; installation of digester-gas fueled gas turbine generators and auxiliary equipment, 15 kV main substation switchgear, 15 kV generator paralleling switchgear, 5kV substation, 7.5 MVA and 10 MVA step-up transformers, 5 kV and 15 kV feeder cabling and associated raceway systems, manholes and ductbanks, integrated substation control, protection and monitoring system with controls, heat recovery hot water generators, single screw type gas compressors, digester gas blowers, chiller and heat exchangers, siloxane removal tanks, No. 3 cooling water pumps, cooling water loop pumps, cooling water heat exchangers, hot water system, cooling water system, repair and reconstruction of existing improvements affected by the Work, piping, and all other mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and miscellaneous equipment and materials to provide a complete and operable power generation facility.