Napa Material Reuse Facility

Project Details

Design and construction of a five bay compost facility for Napa Recycling in American Canyon. The facility is designed to take domestic food waste products, combined with standard green waste, and process it through anaerobic digesters to create enough compressed natural gas to fuel the City of Napa’s fleet of waste hauling trucks. The new facility includes a covered aerated static pile drying system consisting of covered concrete bunkers with in-slab aeration piping to expedite the composting process. The scope of work included site development, structural concrete, installation of all process equipment such as digester access doors, pipe chases, biogasupgrading skid, hydronic boiler, and flares. The project also included modifications to the facility’s existing stormwater management system for permit compliance through a series of earthen settling and filter ponds.

City of Napa
American Canyon, CA