Tinsley Laboratories New Manufacturing Facility

Project Details

An established leader in the design and manufacture of precision optical components, assemblies and sub-systems, the client needed a manufacturing warehouse with offices to support the demand for their services. The project consisted of tilt-up construction and panelized roofing among other specialties.

During the project, we learned the importance of staying close to the Owner’s user group and to be acutely aware of their needs. This facility, built for manufacturing optic components for the Hubble space telescope, had one of a kind unique systems whose application were specific only to Tinsley’s operations.

By developing special coordination venues with the Owner, Owner’s rep, and the Owner’s technicians responsible for manufacturing of the optics, we were able to ensure delivery of the building systems in a way that met the unique needs of Tinsley. We also successfully completed the project without the need for re-working of the systems. Instead, systems were put in to perform as Tinsley desired and without unnecessary re-work after construction was complete. We have maintained a relationship with the various entities and personnel at the facility and have been invited back to bid on TI work as Tinsley’s needs and manufacturing process have evolved.

Tinsely Laboratories
Richmond, CA
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