Sufism Reoriented Sanctuary

Overaa Green Project

Project Details

Construction of a 66,074 SF sanctuary designed by the renowned architectural firm of Philip Johnson/Alan Ritchie. The sacred design includes marble clad concrete domes surrounded by contemplative gardens. Smaller domes surround a larger central dome used as a Prayer Hall, which is bathed in natural light by a central oculus. Trim, installed by Overaa craftsmen, is as much as 24” tall and crown moulding follows the curves of the cylinder walls. Much of the concourse level is subterranean (46,000 SF below grade space) and provides space for education, administration, and gathering. Throughout the project, Overaa placed 13,000 CY of concrete and used a robotic total station to achieve strict tolerances, as the owners goal was to build a structure that lasts 700 years. Overaa also provided training to many Sufism Reoriented craft people and worked with Sufism Reoriented to ensure the jobsite, located in a tight residential space, ran safely from start to finish. Winner of an ENR California Best Project Award and a finalist for a Global CEMEX Building Award.

Sufism Reoriented
Walnut Creek, CA
Best Project Award of Merit, Cultural/Worship Category
Project Architect
Soga & Associates Architects Inc.
Design Architect
Philip Johnson/Alan Ritchie
Square Feet
Cubic Yards of Concrete
Ali Atri