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Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Advanced Light Source User Support Building

A new 31,000 SF User Support Building for LBNL. The building houses experiment staging, mechanical assembly labs, chemical labs and storage, biology labs, conference rooms and offices. It serves as support space for users of the existing Advance Light Source Building, which cycles electrons in a centrifugal dome at 20 times the speed of light, enabling scientists to experiment with materials at a molecular and subatomic level.

The building is a three-story moment-frame steel structure with concrete topping slabs supported on drilled piers. Construction is slab-on-grade, light/heavy gauge metal framing with braced seismic frames, Centria metal panel exterior, TPO Duro-Last roofing over steel decking, and built-up membrane roofing to match LBNL's ALS Cyclotron Building. Also included state-of-the-art conference room AV system, three-story large capacity elevator, fire alarm and wet sprinkler throughout, interior toilet and locker rooms, exterior concrete and asphalt paving, aluminum and wood doors, skylights, and polished concrete lobby.