El Portal Place

Project Details

In a unique public-private partnership, Overaa renovated an old building in San Pablo to accommodate 54 residential units. The project provides permanent supportive housing for 60 people experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, homelessness. The design-build, adaptive reuse project reimagines the two-level, 27,000 SF building as a community of small residences of approximately 300 square feet each, with ADA-adaptable bathrooms and kitchenettes. The program includes recreation areas, a dog park, EV parking, and provisions for a future residents’ garden and roof top solar array.

Fun fact: Jerry Overaa built the original office building in 1968. Fifty-six years later, his grandson, Jared, spearheaded its conversion.

Contra Costa County
San Pablo, California
Studio T Square
Landscape Architect
Base Landscape
Square Footage
27,000 SF
  • Jared Gragg

    Jared Gragg

    Project Manager

  • Overaa is a real Bay Area success story.  Their presence can be seen in almost every major city in the Bay Area.  They're incredibly well-respected for playing an integral role in the positive growth and development of our community.  And they're well known for their corporate philanthropy towards issues that are important to local communities such as youth development and civic empowerment.

    John Gioia

    Contra Costa County Supervisor
  • It is my pleasure to recognize Overaa Construction today for 117 years of operation in the Richmond community. Started by Norwegian immigrant Carl Overaa, Overaa Construction has been helping build the Bay Area since 1907 and is a perfect example of a company representing the American Dream. Overaa's exemplary work in construction has not only elevated the physical landscape of our region but has also positively impacted the lives of those residing within it. Furthermore, as one of the largest companies working in Contra Costa County, overaa Construction provides 400+ employees with jobs that continue to be critical to Richmond's growth and economic stability. Overaa Construction's unwavering commitment to innovation, safety and community engagement has set a commendable standard within the construction industry of Contra Costa County. Overaa's tireless efforts to improve our collective future make them a source of pride for the Richmond community. On behalf of the people of California's 8th Congressional District, please accept my sincere gratitude for your service to our community, as well as my best wishes for your continued success in the years ahead. - John Garamendi, Member of Congress, 8th District, California. December 15, 2023

    Congressman John Garamendi

    Member of Congress, 8th District, California