COVID-19 Update: We are continuing operations with added safety measures

Fremont Bank Headquarters

This project is a 30,000 SF six-story core and shell building with a steel frame structure. The floor plate will be approximately 6,000 feet and the site area will be 10,000 feet. The building core will contain one elevator serving all floors, one elevator serving floors one through three, two stairwells, and restrooms. The ground floor will be a retail bank with mezzanine (second floor) on approximately one half of the first floor plate. The third, fourth, and fifth floors will contain offices for various bank operations. The sixth floor will contain a board room for the bank and a reception area along with a small kitchen. The sixth floor will also include an outside rooftop terrace connected to the board room and reception area. Rooftop mechanical equipment will also be contained on the sixth floor.