Testimonial-Joel Parrott, Oakland Zoo

I am writing this letter of reference to recommend Overaa Construction. Their work with us at the Oakland Zoo on the California Trail exhibit over a 3 year period was outstanding. Specifically, Overaa provided valuable constructability input as we moved through final design and permitting. We had over 26 unique structures on a very challenging […]

Testimonial-Sarah Becker, Oakland Zoo

Once again we say how much we appreciate you – and all you’ve done for California Trail. We know you were the linchpin that held this project together.

Testimonial – Contra Costa County Supervisor John Gioia

Overaa is a real Bay Area success story.  Their presence can be seen in almost every major city in the Bay Area.  They’re incredibly well-respected for playing an integral role in the positive growth and development of our community.  And they’re well known for their corporate philanthropy towards issues that are important to local communities […]

Testimonial – Former Mayor Irma Anderson, City of Richmond

The City has had a long relationship with Overaa and, coincidentally, they helped us (City of Richmond) celebrate our 100th anniversary last year. They (Overaa) have helped Richmond to become the jewel that it is today.  They stayed here in the area, demonstrating their loyalty while enhancing the quality of life in Richmond.  Overaa is truly […]

Testimonial – Al Hauck, Department Head, CM Department, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

When I first met Jerry in 2002 as the newly arrived CM Department Head at Cal Poly, I remember leaving the meeting and saying to my colleague, ‘There is a true construction professional.’  Since that time, Jerry has continued to be the most direct, most supportive, and most trusted advisor with whom I have worked.  […]

Testimonial – Jeff Lifur – Project Manager, Cenergy Power

The SolarOne project is a 10.5MW AC solar field that is now providing enough clean renewable electricity for up to 3,400 homes annually. Overaa’s team had the challenging task of placing almost 2,300 concrete ballast blocks on the rolling hills of the landfill section of the project. The blocks needed to be level and placed […]