The SolarOne project is a 10.5MW AC solar field that is now providing enough clean renewable electricity for up to 3,400 homes annually.
Overaa’s team had the challenging task of placing almost 2,300 concrete ballast blocks on the rolling hills of the landfill section of the project. The blocks needed to be level and placed precisely, as they formed the foundations for the solar racking that would attach to them. Overaa’s work was made more difficult by the fact that extreme care had to be taken to avoid uncovering and disturbing the landfill cap which is located near the surface of the landfill.
As project manager for SolarOne, I can attest to the professionalism and precision of Overaa’s team. The Overaa team finished the task ahead of schedule and on-budget. More importantly, as the general contractor, I appreciated Overaa’s flexibility and adaptability to the inevitable challenges that confront projects, including a schedule which required various starts and stops due to an often unpredictable flow of materials to the site. In each case, Overaa demonstrated excellent communication, understanding of overall project goals, and teamwork to get the job done.