January 26, 2017

Oakland Zoo’s California Trail Gondola System Nears Completion

Northern California’s first urban gondola system will take Oakland Zoo guests from the main zoo to the new Kaiser Permanente Visitor Center. The hilltop Visitor Center will provide sweeping views of the San Francisco Bay and a unique culinary experience for Zoo patrons. The Visitor Center is a 15,500 square foot building at 625 feet above sea level, reached by ADA-accessible and stroller-friendly electric gondola. Scheduled to open Spring 2017, the Visitor Center is part of a 56-acre California Trail Expansion dedicated to the conservation of California’s natural history with exhibits featuring the mountain lion, grey wolf, bison, grizzly bear, bald eagle and more. Designed to be more like a wild animal park, California Trail will more than double the size of the current zoo and transform it into the foremost steward of California native plant and animal species conservation.