June 23, 2022

New Scannell Richmond Warehouse Breaks Ground

Together with Scannell Properties, Contra Costa County District 1 Supervisor John Gioia leading renewable hydrogen fuel producer Chevron, plus special guest Cummins fuel cell electric truck, Overaa celebrated the ground breaking for two new warehouses totaling 325,000 SF in Richmond, CA. Leveraging e-technology, all operations on-site will be zero emissions and 100% of the truck fleet based on-site will be zero emissions within 5 years.

This HPA Architecture designed project will be 100% built by union labor negotiated by Contra Costa building trades. The casting slabs for both buildings will be 100% recycled, with the concrete under the panels crushed, ground, stockpiled, and repurposed as Class II aggregate base for the site.

To learn more, check out: https://news.theregistrysf.com/scannell-properties-overaa-construction-break-ground-on-325000-sqft-fulfillment-center-for-fedex-in-richmond/?fbclid=IwAR1NKhQc-Jc2Qhxy3UXVNmtpD-8gNgKn4u_iOsWXS5wXbAkggWZ2YxUWuI4