February 15, 2019

Overaa Receives CEA Safety Excellence Award

Overaa is proud to have recently received the Construction Employers Association’s “Excellence in Safety Award.” We are only one of 46 companies who received this coveted safety award. The award recognizes VCEA companies who have achieved three of five benchmarks including:
An injury and illness rate at least 25% below the industry average
A lost workday rate at least 25% below the industry average
An X-Mod below 100
A flat or improving X-mod trend
Demonstration of an active safety training program
Overaa is proud to be recognized as a leader in the construction industry for worker safety and health. This award is a tremendous accomplishment when you consider how much work Overaa self-performs each year. It is not unusual for Overaa to self-perform in excess of 100,000 manhours of work on a single significant project or to self-perform as much as 700,000 work hours company-wide over the course of a year.