Overaa Construction was the successful bidder for the Hollister Water Reclamation Facility. The contract consisted of the construction of a 5 mgd (average- 10 mgd peak) wastewater treatment facility consisting of everything from pretreatment through disinfection and distribution pumping.  This was the largest and most critical component of the multi-phased project.
The project was necessary as the City of Hollister was under an order from the Regional Water Quality Control Board that resulted in a building moratorium for the City. The project was funded through revenue bonds that were secured upon rates of the citizens in the community. As such, there was a tremendous amount of public concern about completing the project on time and within budget. Overaa understood the implications to the community and, at one point in the construction; they opened the site for public inspection. Through a very challenging and complicated project, Overaa successfully completed the project over six months ahead of schedule.
I enjoyed working with Overaa’s competent and professional staff of project managers, engineers and superintendents. The highly skilled craftsmen were focused on getting the project built. It was amazing to see the amount of progress form one week to the next. They always kept the best interest of the project in mind and didn’t let disputes hinder the progress of work. In settling our differences, we felt that they treated us fairly.
Overall, Overaa did a great job completing the project ahead of schedule without any claims. City of Hollister is pleased with the final product and is currently utilizing the water created from the plant for irrigation and groundwater recharge. The completion of the treatment plant was a key element in lifting the building moratorium. Another measure of success for the City of Hollister was that the project was able to keep a good public image with the community. As a result of my experience with Overaa, I would highly recommend them to build your next project.