The company’s diligence and perseverance on this project are bringing it to a successful conclusion; throughout the construction process this team has demonstrated a clear understanding of the scope and process of their work. Similarly, they have disseminated the same clarity to their employees and sub-contractors, as well as getting the job done efficiently, cost-effectively and with respect for one another.
Additionally, the team spirit encompassed all the players, including the owner’s representatives, the construction managers and the A/E design team. We worked together to provide effective responses to critical path items and provided support for this complex and challenging construction process.
The effectiveness of the team is now paying off as the Center for the Arts is transformed from a project to a destination, and integral component to the Las Positas College, already considered the signature building on campus.
We highly recommend C. Overaa and Company for any project, particularly ones with complex design- they are definitely able to take on the challenge.