I want to thank you for all the good work you and your team did on Kaiser’s new garage at 3751 Broadway in Oakland. The job was certainly a success and Overaa’s performance was outstanding. The project was built on a very tight site which made for a difficult build out.  And complicating the work, there were important relationships that had to be maintained with the city, and with the other contractor immediately adjacent to the garage site, in order for this job to be successful.  You, Doug and Duane did a wonderful job of keeping progress going in spite of all the difficult challenges thrown your way. I grew to appreciate Overaa’s management model, your thoughtful work ethic, and the careful and professional manner in which each member of Overaa’s team carried out their responsibilities. And as further acknowledgement to your success, I have heard from both Kaiser members, and employees, of how happy they are to be in this new facility.  You have done a great job. Thanks!