Testimonial – Noel StenbergProject Manager, Capital Projects, University of California BerkeleyMemorial Stadium Interim Measures,Memorial Stadium Seating Bowl and Concourse Game Day Modifications, Berkeley, CA

On behalf of Univ of CA-Capital Projects, I would like to take this opportunity to express our appreciation and gratitude for your exceptional performance and on-time completion of the above referenced projects. Both projects were very difficult, multi-phased, and required working in and around a highly active and occupied athletic facility. Both projects had fixed […]

Testimonial – Eddie McCarthyDirector of Facilities, Sequoia HospitalCHW

From constructing our wonderful new four-story 652 stall parking garage to the challenging renovation of our new loading dock, Overaa has really done an excellent job. These guys went above and beyond the call of duty on many occasions to appease our patients, visitors, staff, and neighbors on projects here at Sequoia.

Testimonial – Matt Scoble, PEConsolidated CM Inc.

On a busy campus it is always a bit of a challenge to balance the needs of a major construction effort with the needs of the campus community but I was very pleased with both Overaa’s sensitivity to client interface and your flexibility with dealing with the unexpected. I feel that though not a formally […]

Testimonial – David ReyesStaff Project ManagerKaiser Permanente NFS Capital Projects

Demolition was completed, new construction went on as scheduled, the subcontractors were well managed, and inspections were well coordinated for approvals with local agencies. Budgets and schedules maintained targets; traffic control was performed on a fully operating medical facility with half of the parking structure still in use, while the other half was being constructed, […]