April 18, 2018

Overaa Construction Goes Solar!

As a commitment to advancing environment sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint, Overaa Construction recently completed the installation of 368 solar panels at our headquarters in Richmond, California. The 119.26 KW photovoltaic system will supply 196,260 kWh annually, which is projected to supply 52% of Overaa’s annual electric use. Phase I began in January, when 84 panels were installed on the main office building.  Phase II includes 284 340 watt panels installed in Overaa’s carport structure. Over the life of the system, (25 years) 4,023 tons of carbon dioxide will be eliminated from Overaa’s footprint. This equates to:
Planting 93,736 trees
Reducing driving by 8,046,000 auto miles
Recycling 12,713 tons of waste instead of sending it to landfill
Displacing CO2 emissions from the annual electric use of 456 homes
Displacing the CO2 emissions from 3,920,097 pounds (1,960.0 tons) of coal burned
Helping avoid the use of up to 98,131,000 gallons of water by Thermoelectric Powerplants
Overaa Construction is committed to sustainability in all aspects of our business and we will continue to develop initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment.