February 29, 2024

Overaa and Water Collaborative Delivery Association Advance Successful Collaborative Delivery Solutions at Joint Event

Overaa and the Water Collaborative Delivery Association co-organized the “Fundamentals and Implementation of Collaborative Delivery Projects” event last week to advance successful collaborative delivery solutions for the water and wastewater industry.

Best practices, knowledge, and resources were shared in our Q&A panel to help owners, design-build firms, engineering firms, construction firms, and suppliers leverage the power of collaborative delivery to achieve better project outcomes. Case studies included an Overaa / HydroScience Engineers progressive design-build project and an Overaa / Jacobs design-build project.

Many thanks to WCDA for hosting this interactive, informative event, all of those in attendance, and case study and panel discussion members including WCDA’s Mark Alpert and Leofwin Clark (WCDA), Elba Mijango (City of Manteca), Robert Granberg (Granberg & Associates), and Bill Slenter (HydroScienceEngineers).