June 27, 2018

New Milestone at Sunnyvale Primary Treatment Facility

Overaa Construction is busy working on the $100 million Sunnyvale Primary Treatment Facility Package 2 project. Construction includes new headworks and primary treatment facilities, a new switchgear building and standby generator, ancillary facilities and lighting at the City of Sunnyvale’s Water Pollution Control Plant. This project also includes the construction of the first phase of a flood wall that will ultimately surround and protect the Plant facility from future flood events along with habitat mitigation to the north of the Plant. At any given time, Overaa has 70 workers on site and is working with companies like Graniterock to get the job done. As of this week, excavation within shoring is now complete for the influent pump station and screening facility. Tomorrow, concrete will be poured into the first lift of footings. The project requires an overall amount 8,000 cubic SF of concrete, and 2,000 of that will be poured tomorrow. Another recent milestone includes the completion of a 63-inch high-density polyethylene piping through a 100-foot auger bore tunnel which has allowed for the backfilling of bore pits. Construction is estimated to be completed by February 2021.