Pacific Grove's Water Recycling Facility Awarded Engineering News-Record - California 2018 Best Project!

Overaa is excited to announce that the City of Pacific Grove's Water Recycling Facility was selected in the Engineering News-Record - California 2018 Best Project Awards for Water/Environment in Northern California! The purpose of the 0.25 MGD MBR water recycling facility was to produce 125 acre-feet per year of non-potable water supply for irrigating the City of Pacific Grove’s golf course and parkland. The scope of work consisted of headworks/influent screening, biological treatment with a suspended growth/activated sludge process, membrane separation, UV disinfection, chlorine addition, recycled water storage utilizing the refurbished Point Pinos concrete tanks and a recycled water distribution pump station, along with standard ancillary improvements (operations buildings, extension of utilities, back-up power generation connection, etc.) to form a complete wastewater treatment facility meeting all waste discharge requirements. We're proud to have worked on this design/build project with PERC Water Corporation and PACE Engineering. Congratulations to all members of the project team!