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Bidding Opportunities

Project Contact Person Value Location Bid Date Bid Time
PG&E Egbert Avenue Switching Station

Cody Lee (510)234-0926

$20M 1755 Egbert Avenue, San Francisco

Larry Etcheverry (510)234-0926

$1,200,000 Vallejo, CA 10/22/2021 2:00pm
LLNL - New Stockpile Life Extension Program (LEP) Office Facility (B144) and New Joining Capabilities and Vapor Deposition Facility (B226)

Larry Etcheverry (510)234-0926

See project description 7000 East Avenue, Alameda County Livermore, CA 94550 10/25/2021 12:00pm
Dublin Transit Center Parking Garage Project D/B

Darwin Abayari (510) 234-0926

$30M Dublin, CA 10/26/2021 2:00pm

Cody Lee  (510) 234-0926


Design and construction is between $32,000,000.00 and $34,000,000.00. 4955 Alhambra Valley Road., Martinez, CA 94553 10/27/2021 2:00pm
VA Martinez Clinical Building

Lisa Chen (510)234-0926

$5-10M VA Martinez medical center – 150 Muir Road – Martinez, CA 94553 11/01/2021 3:00pm

Larry Etcheverry or Anna Stein (510)234-0926

$11,485,500 1 Chaix/Thomann Lane, St. Helena, CA 94574 11/04/2021 4:00pm
Fairfield-Suisun Sewer District - Primary Clarifier Rehabilitation No. 2 and 4

Larry Etcheverry or Anna Stein (510)234-0926 

1010 Chadbourne Road in the City of Fairfield 11/10/2021 2:00pm
Union Sanitary District – Enhanced Treatment and Site Upgrade – Phase 1A Aeration Basin Modifications

Larry Etcheverry or Anna Stein (510)234-0926

$63,600,000 Union City, CA 11/15/2021 2:00pm

Please submit your bids to:

fax 510-237-2435

C. Overaa & Co. makes every attempt to provide bid information that is current, accurate and comprehensive. However, bid information can change hourly and the information provided herein is subject to typographical error. The information provided on this site is intended only as a notification of available bidding opportunities. It is the subcontractor’s responsibility to confirm the accuracy and completeness including all addenda, of all bid documentation. Should a discrepancy occur, the information contained in the Owner’s bid documents shall prevail. Overaa is not liable for damages or costs incurred in connection with the use of, or any reliance upon, any information contained herein. 

We encourage bids from all Subcontractors/Suppliers including DVBE/DBE/MBE/WBE bidders. We are an equal opportunity employer. We offer to assist you with bonding, credit, and insurance. Subcontractors will be required to sign the Overaa Standard Subcontract Agreement, which includes the right for Overaa to require subcontractors to furnish a faithful performance and labor bond, in a form and from a surety acceptable to Overaa, in the amount of 100% of the Subcontract price. Subcontractors will be required to comply with all subcontract insurance requirements, which includes providing a waiver of subrogation endorsement to their workers compensation insurance. The Overaa Standard Subcontract Agreement is available for viewing by clicking on the link in the sidebar to the left.

C. Overaa & Co. reserves the right to reject any subcontractor or supplier bids.


Subcontractors must register and meet requirements using the new online application before bidding on public works contracts in California.

SB 854, a budget trailer bill that was signed into law on June 20, 2014, and became effective immediately, made several significant changes to laws pertaining to the administration and enforcement of prevailing wage requirements by the Department of Industrial Relations (DIR). Among other things, SB 854 established a new public works contractor registration program to replace prior Compliance Monitoring Unit (CMU) and Labor Compliance Program (LCP) requirements for bond-funded and other specified public works projects. The fees collected through this new program will be used to fund all of DIR’s public works activities, including compliance monitoring and enforcement, the determination of prevailing wage rates, public works coverage determinations, and hearing enforcement appeals.

  • Contractors will be subject to a registration and annual renewal fee that has been set initially at $300. The fee is non-refundable and applies to all contractors and subcontractors who intend to bid or perform work on public works projects (as defined under the Labor Code).
  • Registrations will begin after July 1, 2014, once the registration system is ready to go online. The preferred method of payment will be by credit card.
  • The requirement to list only registered contractors and subcontractors on bids becomes effective on March 1, 2015. The requirement to only use registered contractors and subcontractors on public works projects applies to all projects awarded on or after April 1, 2015.

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