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Material Reuse


Overaa invests in equipment and material that can be reused multiple times, such as these Cunningham beams that are used in horizontal deck forming applications. They are collapsible for transport and storage.

Choosing materials that promote reuse and decrease emissions

Case Study: Finding efficiencies in forming operations 

Overaa runs its tool and equipment yard like an independent rental company. We actively promote internal incentives to re-use/recycle material. The yard buys back or credits individual projects for material returned in usable condition. 

Concrete related activities represent 55% of our work volume, so a primary focus is on material, equipment and processes used in concrete forming operations. Overaa buys approximately 132,000 board feet of milled lumber and 195,000 board feet of forming plywood annually. That’s a lot of raw natural resources. Most of the wood is cut and assembled into forming panels at Overaa’s fabrication yard in Richmond then dispatched to various jobsites. By centralizing prefabrication, we create less waste. Additionally, we invest in materials that can be reused in forming operations, such as steel beams or aluminum panels.

decreasing waste

Prefabrication, centralized operations, and a robust waste management program help us reuse and recycle building materials.


Choosing methods that promote reuse, decrease waste, and lower emissions

Case Study: Finding efficiencies in centralized forming operations and prefabrication

  • Our centralized prefabrication location lets us save wood remnants for other applications and utilize 95% of the original purchased material. 
  • We use aluminum and steel forms that can be reused up to 250 times wherever possible. 
  • We invest in laminated veneered lumber (LVL) which uses the remnants of milled lumber and dismantle prefabricated wood “I” joists to reuse the components in other forming material. 
  • We replace high strength steel, re-useable wall forming ties in 85% of our wall forming applications, thereby replacing one-time use steel snap ties with plastic cones. 
  • Recycled plastic nailers are used in place of wood nailers in aluminum joists. 
  • We encourage the use of recycled Class II aggregate subbase in 92% of our subgrade preparation work.

How does Overaa recycle plywood and lumber?

How does Overaa recycle concrete, steel and asphalt?