Mountain House Water Reclamation Facility Phase III Expansion

Mountain House Developers, LLC
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Friday, October 18, 2019 - 14:00

The WORK for this Contract comprises modifying and improving the existing Mountain House Water Reclamation Facility for Phase 3 of the Facility Expansion as previously outlined below from the Pre-Qualification notice.

The WORK of th is Contract comprises modifying and improving the existing Mountain House Water Reclamation Facility for Phase 3 of the Facility Expansion

The modifications and improvements shall include, but are not limited to the following:

• The work shall include general, civil, architectural, mechanical, structural, electrical, and control

work shown in the construction documents.

• All work on this project will be coordinated with the CSD's Engineering, the WRF's Operational staff,

and the Owner's representative (Mountain House Developers).

• Protect in place existing process treatment structures and equipment to remain in place.

• Coordinate with the operational staff to allow for the existing SBR treatment process to continue to be

operational during construction.

• Demolition of existing treatment infrastructure and equipment per the contract documents.

• Supply and installation of pre-selected equipment per the pre-negotiated agreements outlined in the contract


• General grading, fencing, retaining wall and retaining wall drainage system, new stormwater retention

pond and pond feed pipe and structures, site landscaping, and insta llation of AC roads along existing

and new access roads and new parking lots;

• General grading improvements, insta llation of new drainage infrastructure;

• Construction of new Headworks/Siudge Building (East Building), CSD Administration and Mechanical

Membrane Building (South Building), modifications to the existing Administration bu ilding (North

Building), as well as to the existing Chemical Processing Building (West Building), and construction of

a new CSD Corp yard pre-engineered bu ilding, complete with all architectural, structural, mechanical,

HVAC, plumbing, and electrical elements.

• Existing Facility Improvements:

-Re-piping and valving the existing 14" force main connection from the Emergency Storage Basin (ESB) to the

influent lift station wet well.

-Installation of new reuse booster pumps, complete with all mechanical, electrical, and controls and

instrumentation equipment.

-Replacement of existing chemical feed systems and rehabilitation of existing bulk chemical storage tanks

-Installation of a new flow control weir gate at the Pre-UV channel

-Installation of new check valve at the existing effluent storage tank (formerly Chlorine Contact Basin)

-Upgrade controls hardware and wiring for existing local control networks

•Existing Influent Lift Station Improvements:

-Removal of existing bar rack and mechanically cleaned screens

-Installation of new Influent Pumps, Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs), complete with all mechanical, electrical

and controls and instrumentation equipment

-Installation of piping from existing 14" influent discharge header connection two new parallel 18" influent force

mains to the new headworks, complete with drain lines, valves and flow meters

-Installation of a new 14" decanter/scum drain line from the digester to the lift station.

•New Headworks (East Building):

-General dewatering, excavation, and grading for construction of the new Headworks/ Sludge Processing

bu ilding.

-Construction of a new Headworks and Grit Removal System Concrete Structure (Treatment Structure);

-Construction and installation of new Headworks Process Equipment, including structural, mechanical, and

electrical and instrumentation and control elements.

-Installation of a new mechanical/ventilation and odor control components for new Headworks Process


•Secondary Treatment Process (North Building):

-General dewatering, excavation, and grading for construction of the new Feed Channels and MLSS Junction

concrete structures along the side of the existing secondary tanks,

-Installation/Construction of a new Feed Channels, Scum troughs and MLSS Junctions structures, complete

with gates and stop logs, electrica l, controls and instrumentation equipment;

-Construction of new subdividing concrete wa lls in the existing anoxic and secondary process basins

-Installation of new anoxic mixers

-Modifications to the existing surge basin and conversion to post anoxic, with installation of new mixing


-Installation of MLSS piping to the MBR Feed Channel

-Modifications to the existing Emergency Storage Basin a to receive drainage, wash water, and overflows from

the new Treatment Structure drainage facilities

•New Membrane Filtration System (South Building)

-General dewatering, excavation, and grading for construction of the new MBR treatment structure, and

Operations building.

-Construction of a new MBR Treatment Concrete Structure (Treatment Structure)

-Installation/Construction of a new RAS Channel and WAS Pump Station, complete with handrail,

conduit/Junction box support system, gates, and grating components

-Installation of new catwalks, handrail, stairs, mechanical, electrical, and controls and instrumentation

equipment (control gates, baffles, MBR equipment, RAS and WAS equipment, and pumps and blowers,

and all associated process instrumentation and controls)

-Construction of a New MBR Operations Building (South Building) with CMU building architectural

components, and installation of all Mechanical Building process mechanica l, structural, HVAC, electrical,

instrumentation, safety equipment required as part of the expansion to the Membrane Filtration System;

-Installation of a new MBR Permeate Storage/Backpulse Tanks and Permeate Piping to the Tertiary Process in

the existing North Building

-Demolition and modification to the existing chemical process building to allow for repurposing with the new

modified MBR process

-Installation of new chemical feed skids and piping, with feed from existing bulk chemical storage tanks

-Installation of a new compressed air system and piping feeding to the MBR and other process areas within the


•Existing Tertiary Treatment Process System

-Demolition of existing disk filters and modification to filter holding tanks into Pre-UV equalization tanks.

-Replacement of UV Generation 1 modules, with new Generation 2 modules complete with all mechanical,

electrical and controls and instrumentation equipment upgrades

-Modification of effluent piping to the Effluent Storage Tank (formerly chlorine contact basin)

•Onsite Reuse System Improvements:

-Installation of a new plant reuse water line and booster pump, with upgrades to the existing pressure system

(hydropneumatic tank components);

•New Off-site Reuse Transfer Pump Station:

-Installation of a new off-site transfer pumps and pipeline including new centrifugal pumps, and feed piping

going to the effluent storage tank, complete with mechanical valves and electrical improvement

•New Sludge Treatment System and Solids Processing (East Building):

-General dewatering, excavation, and grading for construction of the new aerobic digester structure.

-Construction of a new aerobic digester Concrete Structure

-Installation of new Sludge Dewatering Centrifuges, Sludge Processing Feed pumps, Polymer Feed System,

Solids conveyors, piping and piping appurtenance, valving, controls, and instrumentation to existing facility

-CMU bu ilding construction (shared with the headworks building)

-Installation of a new odor control unit for the sludge processing facilities

-Installation of new decanting/scum skimmer equipment

• Installation of additional New WRF Electrical Service, Distribution Section, MCC, ATS, Emergency

Generators for improvements;

•Applying for and coordination with generator supplier and local air quality district for receipt of all

permits to construct and operate for the supplied generators;

• Installation of instrumentation and wiring and panels for new PLC and SCADA systems.

•Testing, commissioning, and startup of the new equipment and improved and expanded process areas within

the plant.

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