Bid Details for Vallejo MIPS 3W Effluent Bypass

Vallejo MIPS 3W Effluent Bypass
Vallejo Flood & Wastewater District

Base bid includes construction of a new pile-supported Chlorine Contact Tank D; construction of a new pile-supported Mare Island Strait Outfall Pump Station; modifications to existing Chlorine Contact Tank C; construction of outfall piping; and general site improvements. Bid Alternate 1 includes the removal of the existing South biotower cover, the removal of existing media, replacement of new media, and replacement of rotary distributor, drive, and VFD. See additional information on basebid and bid alternates in Section 01 11 00, Summary of Work.

The Work to be performed under this Contract shall consist of the following; all tools, equipment, material,
supplies, manufactured articles, labor, transportation, and required utilities, (included in fuel, power, water
and essential communications). All work, performed or other operations required, for the fulfillment of
the Contract shall be in strict accordance with the Contract Documents. All work shall be complete, and
any work, materials, and services not expressly indicated or called for in the Contract Documents, which
may be necessary for the complete and proper construction of all work, shall be provided by the Contractor,
as though originally so indicated, at no increase in cost to Vallejo Flood and Wastewater District. Work
shown on the Drawings, or indicated in the Specifications, or indicated elsewhere in the Contract
Documents is part of the Work, regardless of whether indicated below. The Work broadly includes, but is
not limited to, the following:
a. Demolition and modifications to existing components in Chlorine Contact Tank C
b. Construction of new Flow Split Structure No. 6
c. Construction of a new pile supported Chlorine Contact Tank D
d. Construction of a new pile supported Mare Island Pump Station
e. General site improvements
f. Electrical modifications associated with the existing Mare Island Pump Station Control
g. Removal offsite of previously removed biotower cover, located in pieces around the WWTP
a. Replacement of media in one (1) Biotower
b. Replacement of existing two distributor arms and drive in (1) Biotower (ME-F-2)
c. Installation of retractable stairs on one (1) Biotower
a. Construction of a new valve vault on the Mare Island outfall pipe
b. Construction of a new Ryder Street basin bypass pipe for the Mare Island outfall

Trades include, but are not limited to; demo, concrete, precast concrete, concrete reinforcing, structural steel, metal fabrications, aluminum railings, FRP fabrications, joint sealants, access doors,  high performance industrial coatings, pre-engineered metal canopies, cathodic protection, electrical, site clearing, earthwork, dewatering, precast prestressed concrete driven piling, asphaltic concrete vehicular paving, crushed stone surfacing, utilities, process interconnections, retractable stairs, pumping equipment  and water and wastewater equipment.

1,060 Calendar Days

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) requirements, participation is encouraged.

450 Ryder St, Vallejo, CA 94590
Bid Walk

MANDATORY pre-bid video and OPTIONAL pre-bid site inspection. See
Article 3.


Due to COVID-19 safety concerns, there will be no in-person pre-bid meeting for this Project. A
pre-bid video will be posted electronically on starting on
September 1, 2022. The District and their consultants will present the scope of work, work
constraints, project funding, and bid submission requirements during this video. Prospective
Bidders and Sub-Bidders can access pre-bid video at their convenience by logging on to
BPExpress after it is made available by the District. It is mandatory that all Bidders watch this
entire pre-bid video before submitting a Bid for this Project. Bidders will acknowledge meeting
this mandatory requirement where indicated in Section 00 40 00, Bid Form. Subcontractors bidding on this Project are encouraged to watch the video.


Optional Pre-Bid Site Inspection
The District will hold one optional pre-bid Site visit at the Vallejo Wastewater Treatment Plant
(VWWTP) to allow all prospective Bidders and Sub-Bidders time to examine all work within the
fenced site. The Site visit will begin on Tuesday September 8th, 2022 starting 10 a.m. in the
Administration Building parking lot (450 Ryder Street, Vallejo CA) and finish before noon. Except
for the Project site visit tour, no other access to the Project site will be granted pre-bid without
the District’s prior approval, which will require advanced notice and a scheduled appointment.
During all site visits the Bidder must be accompanied full time by an authorized representative of
the District. No exceptions to this requirement.
The District will require the following for all VWWTP site visitors:
 RSVP to prior to the site visit, so the District can plan
 All visitors must wear a hardhat and hard-soled shoes/boots.
 All visitors must practice safe social distancing during the site visit.

Certification of Electrical Subcontractor’s Experience and Qualifications. Funding for this MIPS, 3W, Effluent Bypass project, Project No. C-06-8573- 110, has been provided in full or in part by the Clean Water State Revolving Fund through an agreement with the State Water Resources Control Board. California’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund is capitalized through a variety of funding sources, including grants from the United States Environmental Protection Agency and state bond proceeds.
Availability Complete sets of the Contract Documents and related Supplemental Project Information may be reviewed and purchased from:  Website: BPX Printing and Graphics,  Phone: by calling BPXPrinting and Graphics (North Bay-Benicia) at (707) 745-3593.  Email: