Bid Details for Livermore City Hall HVAC & Central Plant Chiller Replacement Project

Livermore City Hall HVAC & Central Plant Chiller Replacement Project
City of Livermore

Location and Description.
The Project is located at 1110 S. Livermore Avenue in the Civic Center Central Plant located in the secured back parking lot of the City of Livermore Police Department as
well as at various locations within the Police Department and at 1052 S. Livermore Avenue in City Hall and is described as follows: replacement and upgrades of various
components of the City Hall and Police Department’s HVAC system including but not limited to replacement of two chillers and three boilers with supporting equipment in
the Central Plant; new mechanical/plumbing units with seismic restraints system; remove and replace three boiler pumps with new boiler venting and provide DDC
controls for new boilers; add mini-split systems at 911 and Main IT Rooms and upgrade HVAC Control System from pneumatic to DDC at Police Department and
Central Plant to DDC controls, update DDC control at City Hall and incorporate CO2 controls.


Substantial Completion of construction of the Project is 320 Working Days

1110 S. Livermore Avenue, Livermore
Bid Walk

Bidders’ conference will be held on November 10. 2022 at 1oam at the following
location: lobby of 1052 S. Livermore Avenue for the purpose of acquainting all
prospective bidders with the Contract Documents and the Worksite. The bidders’
conference is not mandatory.

All Contract Documents are available at httos:// free of charge, and can also be accessed from the Engineering Division web site page under the Community Development Department at the City’s website at https://www. livermoreca qov Contractor must register, at no cost, as a prospective bidder. Ebidboard notifies all listed entities on the Prospective Bidders list regarding addendums and other posted information during the bid period. lt is the responsibility of each prospective bidder to check the Ebidboard website listed above on a daily basis through the close of bids for any applicable addenda or updates and print all bid documents for review and to verify the completeness of Bid Documents before submitting a bid. Alternatively, a full set of Contract Documents, including the flnal plans and specifications for the Work, are available for inspection withoul charge, or purchase at $100.00 per set, at the City Engineering office at 1052 South Livermore Avenue, Livermore, CA 94550. No refund will be made of any charges for sets of Contract Documents.