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Wastewater Treatment Plant Rehabilitation

This project is part of the Sewerage Agency of Southern Marin's (SASM) a comprehensive 30-year roadmap to rehabilitate and replace existing infrastructure, plan for expected new legal requirements, protect it from flooding due to 100-year flood events and sea level rise, prepare for its future growth needs, incorporate sustainability initiatives and reduce the impact of the plant’s odor on neighbors. Overaa was retained for the first phase of the Wastewater Treatment Plant Master Plan (WWTP) implementation which began in April 2018 and will conclude in 2020. The primary goal in this initial phase will help to ensure reliable treatment of wastewater, as well as compliance with regional, State and Federal regulations. A key improvement will be numerous upgrades and rehabilitation of existing infrastructure to ensure compliance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits which enhances water quality. Another component will be the installation of two new odor control towers, located at the northwest corner of the plant.