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USPS San Mateo IT/ASC Critical Upgrades

The IT/ASC center is a 166,000 SF facility owned by the USPS that provides critical information technology and accounting services in support of short- and ling-term business objectives. The USPS needed to upgrade the utilities serving this facility, so they chose Parsons as the CM at Risk who put the project out to bid, with Overaa winning the job as the lowest bidder. Among the upgrades were extensive communications infrastructure installation. The scope of work included installation of a new 4,000A electrical service, including transformer, distribution/breaker panel and transfer switch, replacing three 285 ton chillers with four new 450 ton chillers, replacing two existing cooling towers with four new 450 ton cooling towers, grading and foundation construction, and constructing a new enclosure for two of the new chillers. Due to the sensitive nature of the IT/ASC area, the site was high security and had restricted access. Extensive retaining walls had to be build due to the fact that the new plant was built on a steep hillside.