Sandia Lab Expansion Projects

Project Details

Overaa has completed a series of expansion projects for National Nuclear Security Administration Laboratory, including Building 965 Addition which included a 800 square foot metal building addition, several exterior concrete pads with canopies, one for enclosed fireproof exterior gas cyclinders and manifold.

Building 910 Remodel included conversion of a 30,000 sqft 3rd floor lab into new private offices, open office cubicle spaces, two STC 45 rooms, and laboratory area, and a vault type room. It included removal and reinstallation of a large metal panel shield room work experiment space in the basement to 3rd floor including all utility hook-ups and basement build-out, rework of the buildings existing HVAC systems including the reroute of ductwork, mothball of several existing air-handler units, and the installation of a new fan unit. The existing secure card access entry system was revised.

Building C905 consisted of a seismic upgrade for a two story, 38,000 square foot occupied laboratory. Work included 50′ drilled concrete piers, new interior and perimeter footings, structural steel beams, 28′ exterior concrete buttress walls, and new interior shotcrete walls, as well as an extensive interio build out.

Sandia Labs
Livermore, CA