Kaiser Oakland Parking Structure Phase 1 & 2

Both parking structures are design build. The phase 1 parking structure is located on the corner of 38th Street and Broadway, adjacent and connected to the newly constructed Medical Office Building. The structural system includes short and long span bays with retail space on the ground level. For the project, Overaa successfully worked closely with other contractors on site, including one who was constructing the adjacent MOB (10" away!). Overaa developed an outstanding relationship with the City of Oakland's building and engineering departments as well as building inspectors and traffic. The project was highly visible to the community, and neighborhood notifications were sent out on a regular basis as well as neighborhood meetings to keep the community apprised of upcoming activities. This was a critical element as lane closures were necessary to accommodate construction activities. At one point, Broadway was reduced to one lane and this transition was managed very successfully with the City and the Community. Construction included a 3'-6" thick mat slab foundation. 5339 cubic yards of concrete were placed for the foundation over a 24 hour period. This required 594 deliveries - one every 1.6 minutes with 66 mixer trucks. Our excellent performance led to the award of Parking Garage #2

Similar to the Phase 1 Project, the Phase 2 parking structure is located at 3506 Broadway in Oakland, CA on a very tight site. The garage is bordered by Broadway immediately on the west, a future Hospital's Patient Pick-Up/Drop-Off area inches away on the north, a future Hospital's Central Utility Plant on the East, and an existing surface parking lot with the 580 overpass 20" to the south.The Design/Build competition leading up to award of this project was very intense.In addition to providing great value, Overaa was selected in large part due to its prior recent experience and its ability to deliver as promised.

The structure boasts a 7,000 cubic yard mat foundation, pre-cast beams and columns and cast-in place parking decks. Overaa worked with the design team and bridging Architects at NBBJ to deliver a project that was competitively priced, and met high expectations for the design aesthetic.

Overaa continued to be nimble as changes occurred with the adjacent buildings and roadways in design. Kaiser and the design professionals working with them have welcomed the fresh and pro-active approach Overaa has brought to this important corner stone of the new hospital site.