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Overaa enthusiastically endorses and recommends design build project delivery for a number of reasons:

  1. For one, design build allows us to create highly spirited and motivated project teams to work together in the interest of the client's project objectives. 
  2. Secondly, design build enables us to team with the most talented designers in the industry, which creates synergy and collaboration for the project. 
  3. A third benefit is the opportunity to accelerate the design phase and construction start date. By working from the same building modeling platform and web based software, we provide real time feedback to programming and design options to streamline the schedule. 
  4. Finally, in design build Overaa assumes risk for incomplete and inaccurate design documents, thereby reducing potential changes for the owner.


Overaa has been committed to continuous learning long before Integrated Project Delivery became an industry buzzword. We like the concept of shared risk and reward, where everyone puts their cards on the table and shares in the risks and rewards. We like any approach that encourages early planning and communication among team members and involves construction expertise during the design process. The associated practices of Lean and 3P are embedded in our regular planning processes: proactive planning, collaboration, and accountability with the design team and subcontractors. Our goal is to bring the interests of our team, including all trades, into alignment with promises to our customer. 


Overaa is a leader in lease-leaseback construction, having completed over a dozen lease-leaseback projects in the last few years. Like design-build and Integrated Project Delivery approaches, Overaa thrives on projects where we have the opportunity to collaborate and build creative solutions.

A Design Build Case Study