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Our Testimonials

"As you know, the FedEx requirements of this work coupled with being in an airport environment provided several challenges for your team to get the work completed on time, within budget with minimal impact to FedEx. I am pleased to say that Overaa came through on all levels. Your team was very capable and professional in manageing the day to day coordination of all subcontractors' work, insuring quality, working with FedEx operations, and meeting security and safety requirements. Overaa's construction experience and abilities enables an owner to have the confidence that the project will be executed at the highest level of success."

Michael Baker FedEx Express Properties Project Adviser

"I want to thank you for the exemplary efforts you put forth in completing our design-built parking garage. The many challenges experienced during this project - dealing with 2 different counties and a park district, being one of the wettest winters on record, and having another contractor on site, made the project especially difficult. That is why your acceleration of the schedule and the early opening of the garage was so greatly appreciated."

Angelo M Gallego Chief Operating Officer Chabot Space & Science Center

"In many respects City Hall became a working laboratory for resolving site and project issues, and Overaa's diligence in tackling these issues, combined with their pride in workmanship, set a standard for the other project team members to follow."

Mark Kelley Principal, Mack5 Richmond Civic Center

"When one considers the complexity of this project: seismic and water intrusion issues; historical issues; LEED certification; and a very demanding and picky owner, Overaa and the whole project team can be very proud of what has been accomplished - on time and on budget. I especially want to thank you and your team for the outstanding collaboration and coordination with the other contractors and various City departments and vendors involved in the project. You and your staff proved to be creative problem solvers, which was essential to the success in this major retrofit and renovation project.

Steve Duran Director, Community & Economic Development Agency City of Richmond

"What one can expect from Overaa Construction is a streamlined, honest process built upon open communication. They are a partner to be relied upon from the start of project through punch out, and on through the warranty period."

David Warmouth Facility Service Liaison Kaiser Permanente

"Demolition was completed, new construction went on as scheduled, the subcontractors were well managed, and inspections were well coordinated for approvals with local agencies. Budgets and schedules maintained targets; traffic control was performed on a fully operating medical facility with half of the parking structure still in use, while the other half was being construction, with not one issue of patient safety in the hospital or the medical campus. I have managed projects for 23 years, small, medium and large and this parking structure project has by far been my most favorite project of them all."

David Reyes Staff Project Manager Kaiser Permanente NFS Capital Projects

"I grew to appreciate Overaa's management model, your thoughtful work ethic, and the careful and professional manner in which each member of Overaa's team carried out their responsibilities."

Gary Bankhead Senior Project Manager Kaiser Permanente

"I have worked with many construction companies through a variety of school renovation projects. Monta Vista's experience with Overaa has been exceptional! I am so appreciative of their proactive approach and constant positive communication. We were a great team, working hard and laughing hard together. It truly was a unique 14 months of construction!"

April Scott Principal, Monta Vista High School

"On a busy campus it is always a bit of a challenge to balance the needs of a major construction effort with the needs of the campus community but I was very pleased with both Overaa's sensitivity to client interface and your flexibility with dealing with the unexpected. I feel that though not a formally partnered project, the relationship Overaa's team built during the effort resulted in a cooperative and mutually productive environment. As a result, though, like every project, there were issues to work through. All of those were successfully addressed and the project opened on time, in budget and ready for students."

Matt Scoble, PE Consolidated CM Inc.

"From constructing our wonderful new four story 652 stall parking garage to the challenging renovation of our new loading dock, Overaa has really done an excellent job. These guys went above and beyond the call of duty on many occasions to appease our patients, visitors, staff and neighbors on projects here at Sequoia."

Eddie McCarthy Director of Facilities, Sequoia Hospital CHW