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Safety Record

On every Overaa project, safety comes first

Overaa is proud to be recognized as a leader in the construction industry for worker safety and health. Overaa is a member of Cal/OSHA's Voluntary Protection Program (VPP-C) for the construction industry. In 2017, Overaa was named the 2nd Healthiest Employer for a mid-size company by San Francisco Business Times.

This is a tremendous accomplishment when you consider how much work Overaa self-performs each year. It is not unusual for Overaa to self-perform in excess of 100,000 craft hours of work on a single significant project or to self-perform as much as 700,000 craft hours company-wide over the course of a year.


"VPP...means Vision, Purpose and Passion. Your management team has the Vision for success in safety, your entire company demonstrates the Purpose for success and Passion to progress."
Michael Alvarez, Cal/OSHA Consultation Regional Manager

Cal OSHA/VPP emphasizes the importance of site-specific occupational safety and health programs and encourages their improvement. The Division provides recognition to those sites whose programs have achieved occupational safety and health excellence. Overaa's acceptance in the program (one of only 24 in the state) indicates that management and employees demonstrated a collective commitment to safety.

VPP-C is designed to recognize safety and health systems that effectively prevent and control occupational hazards. These systems for protection of workers go above and beyond minimal compliance with Cal/OSHA Title 8 Standards. Rather than a punitive enforcement approach, this program is designed to be positive and collaborative using the best practices of Overaa and Cal/OSHA on a specific jobsite. The VPP-C program was used on the Sacramento Water Treatment Plants Project, for example, for which Overaa performed 363,367 craft hours. 


Highlights of Overaa's Safety Program:

  • Overaa employs full time Safety Trained Supervisors (STS-C) who are certified by OSHA to conduct safety training.
  • Overaa is a member of Gold Shovel Award Program, a program to empower field teams to operate safely, and protect excavation crews and the public.
  • Overaa is a National Safety Council member, a nonprofit program to eliminate preventable deaths at work, in homes and communities and on the road through leadership, education, and advocacy.
  • The superintendent leads Daily Huddles with field teams and weekly site-specific safety planning meetings on site.
  • "Safety Flashes" are communicated in a bi-lingual publication for field teams. In it, we highlight Lessons Learned and establish Root Cause Analysis.
  • Upon hiring, employees receive safety orientation and information regarding Hazard Communications Program and are required to sign a form acknowledging the information.
  • Overaa has a written Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP).
  • Our safety program meets or exceeds CAL/OSHA requirements and is compliant with ISNetworld, a platform our refinery, industrial, and manufacturing clients use to screen contractors and ensure their rigorous regulations and standards are upheld.
  • Overaa is a member of the National Safety Council.
  • Overaa has received the CEA President's Safety Award and Excellent in Safety Award for several years in a row.

We have learned that positive reinforcement through incentives can play a big role in the success of our safety program. Safety performance is factored into every superintendent's project bonuses. In addition, our job-specific incentive program is customized to fit the project tasks and duration. We track results through regular meetings and forepersons are accountable for each activity at the jobsite.

We use Construction Jobsite Survey Reports (CJSR). Safety Engineers inspect each jobsite and upload CJSR feedback instantaneously using iAudit. We have found that this sharing platform increases safety awareness, inspires immediate corrective action, and shares knowledge across crews and jobsites.

Prizes and team building incentives include:

  • T-shirts, cash, gift certificates and gifts are regularly awarded.
  • Team building events are used to celebrate job safety
  • Each employee receives monthly rewards for working safely.
  • Safety performance is a consideration in project bonuses.

Overaa's in-house program, Overaa Continuous Improvement (OCI,) addresses safety training for project management, superintendents, forepersons and craft personnel. It is provided on site and at headquarters training facilities by our safety personnel or outside experts. Topics are tailored to Cal/OSHA regulations, job site task, client requirements and related tasks. (Instruction is also available in Spanish)

First thing in the morning, crew members assemble for a Daily Huddle on the jobsite. In the huddle, we discuss upcoming activities and associated risks and review the specific steps necessary to safely accomplish the task. We share lessons learned from other jobsites. During this time, the superintendent leads a daily Stretch & Flex routine.

New employees are identified as SSE or Short Service Employees by SSE stickers on their hardhats and receive additional training and support in the field.

We use Construction Jobsite Survey Reports (CJSR) with iAudit to share instant feedback across jobsites. We have found that this results in friendly rivalry across teams and inspires immediate action among teams to focus on safety.

We are an annual participant in the SRBX Safety Expo, a safety, leadership development, and construction equipment training conference.

All project managers receive 4 hours of safety training.

All superintendents and forepersons are authorized to enforce our safety policy and procedures. Their training includes:

  • 30 hour OSHA
  • CPR and First Aid
  • Competent person:
    • Excavation
    • Scaffolding
    • Fall protection
  • Confined Space Rescue - a 40 hour course provides personnel with confined space entry and rescue operations training, including respiratory protection and atmospheric monitoring.
  • All carpenters and laborers receive safety training required by Cal/OSHA as well as rigorous additional training required by highly sensitive site conditions such as refinery or laboratory sites. For this OSHA High Hazard Facility Training, all employees working in refineries receive 20 hours of contractor orientation.