COVID-19 Update: We are continuing operations with added safety measures

Message from Overaa

Valued Partners: I am incredibly grateful to our front line employees and subcontractors. Throughout this pandemic, they have kept the Bay Area’s infrastructure – water, sewer, healthcare, energy, transportation – running smoothly. They are heroes for working diligently and doing it safely.

 Most of our construction projects are in full swing, albeit with some modifications to the way we do business.

At each jobsite, we have assigned a Covid Safety Officer (CSO) whose primary role is to ensure that our COVID-19 safety protocols are being practiced. Our COVID-19 Protocol has been established in alignment with the CDC, County and industry guidelines and includes training in both English and Spanish. All Team Leaders and site personnel have received training on how to adhere to COVID-19 Protocol. Some of these added measures include: extra vigilance in the use of PPE, including face coverings; increased cleaning frequency of communal and high touch surfaces, and maintaining distance from co-workers. In some cases, we are adjusting schedules to allow for shift rotation so that we minimize the number of workers in certain areas. We are checking in and logging each jobsite visitor and scanning for elevated temperatures prior to entry.

We have moved much of our office support teams to remote locations and are practicing shift rotation between home and our jobsites. Our Richmond headquarters is temporarily closed to visitors and we are holding meetings virtually.

Additionally, in collaboration with the Construction Employer’s Association (CEA) and Carpenter’s Union, we are using Third-Party Jobsite Safety Accountability Supervisors (JSAS) who visit active jobsites to monitor and report on the quality of our current COVID-19 safety protocols.

As you can imagine, we are experiencing, and expect we will experience for a while, some supply chain interruption and scheduling challenges on our projects. We are successfully working through these on a case by case basis.  


Chris Manning